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I am a content whore

I admit it; I can’t help it. I just am. I love to read. I love to write, I love when thought process come together. I love to produce white papers, blogs, radio shows, videos – anything that ignites thought and changes minds. Bottomline?  I love to entertain, and that is exactly what good content should do.  It should entertain you enough that you are compelled to finish reading, finish watching, finish listening.  If you don’t finish, the effort is wasted.

So make it good

I guess it would be easy enough to produce boring, stale content that neither inspires nor provides a call to action. That is what plenty already do.  And perhaps I do at times, as well. But this is not a game to me, it is my livelihood and I am driven to consistently produce.

I have figured out why

I think I know why this particular compellation is so strong in me. Producing content saved me. Literally. It saved me (personally) financially and I saw what it could do for a company needing visibility and hardcore branding. It brought me back from ruin and it helped me find me.  This isn’t just about blogging, this is about unwrapping a delightful package of information and unleashing it on a waiting world – whether it is your territory or your department – there is someone waiting to hear what you have to say, your perspective.

I discovered that I knew more and could do more because I did more – I worked at it, I work at it now – incessantly. And it is open and honest.  I am not an expert, but I am passionate and brave and that can trump knowledge on many levels.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Consumer-Driven Content

We can no longer cry lack of talent or “this just isn’t how I do things” – the consumer of your product or service is demanding information. Information that only you can give. What do you know? Are you willing to stretch out of your comfort zone to share what you know? Are you prepared to run a demo on your own or deliver a briefing?  Are you prepared to wrap it up in entertainment?  If not, the buyer will go elsewhere – the buyer needs you to know your biz.  They need you to at least like your biz. Do you? and Do you?

Be brave. Take the risks you think you cannot. Say and write the things you dare not and take it / soak it all in.  Be the sponge you tell children to be. Be the change you want to see.

Knowledge only comes to those who seek it.


by Rayanne Thorn


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  1. Well said! I run the blog over at Good.Co because I believe in the idea that work can be better when we consider all the contributing factors, especially fit. A friend of mine runs two blogs – one personal and one work-related – because she can’t not share her ideas, her thoughts, and whatever wisdom she’s accumulated. Whether or not anyone reads this content is (somewhat) secondary. Obviously, we all want our content to be consumed by eager readers, listeners, etc. However, at our cores, we are compulsive communicators. We would do the same things we’re doing now, regardless of response. I suppose that’s one definition of a passion.
    Cheers, and thanks for the much-appreciated boost! Lisa Chatroop, Good.Co

  2. I think you would have saved yourself and your family down whichever path you ended up going, Rayanne.

  3. Rayanne, you are not alone. I told someone last night I would have liked to have been 18 and going into college in 2014 rather than 1991. Why? I would know without a doubt what my major would be. The only problem with 1991 was the area of interest simply didn’t exist at the time. Technology has birthed a new breed of expression and gives voice to ANYONE who has the means and desire to take advantage what is possible.


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