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Water machine

This week on Blogging4Jobs, we are focusing on the theme Man Versus Machine sponsored by 1 Page Proposal. Within this world of social media, social recruiting and HR technology, it’s easy to get caught up in the cool, the fads and the next big thing.  To follow the entire series make sure to bookmark our Man vs. Machine category for all the latest blog posts or follow us on twitter#humanvsmachine

Overcoming Fears

Did you ever play hide and seek until dark, until even after the streetlights came on?  I remember my mom calling us home deep into the night – that was the best, most thrilling time to play – when you were not only laying a game but running from the fear of what might be out there, lurking in the dark. The darkness held secrets, surprises, and of course my fear.

While we live in the midst of a technological revolution where anyone can find out anything about you, (the NSA has) with  specific words, phrases, and language are targeted, not only for simple semantic search/matching, but also for how you think, what you write and say, who you hang out with and what you buy (even THINK about buying!).  It is a crazy time.

Control the Machine

But this is what I contend:  control the machine.  Control what is being said, tweeted, retweeted, posted, shared, and updated about you.  You cannot have control with your back turned or your head in the sand.   Manage your online profile – if you are out there and caremanage it.  You cannot automate what others say or how they respond, but you can see it or hear it.  The information machine responds well to engagement.  And that is how you combat what is out there looking, searching for you.  I say loud and clear, “Come and get me…”

Come and Get Me

If I am present, vital and vocal, there is evidence – no one can say that I am not present, vital or vocal.  That doesn’t mean you should pull a Weiner and text your weiner, but it does mean you can control what is being said or promoted about you, because you are the one saying it.

Step Outside of the Personal Brand

Let’s approach this from an employment brand or company side of the equation.  If you represent a company online – maybe your own – do you think your competition isn’t trying to make a splash in the virtual pool? Do you think their ripple effect isn’t touching your clients, almost clients, partners or almost partners? Do you think someone else isn’t offering your leads a branded beach towel to dry off with as they shake off the water of their day?

The day is here, the time is now to jump into the deep end and learn to swim.  Know that you better keep paddling because there is no rest in the waters of technology.  They grasp at you and weigh you down.  Kick off your old ideas and learn to go with the flow – agility and flexibility are necessary traits if you want to keep from drowning in the ever-growing, ever-flowing pools of innovation.

And it ain’t a Mirage

This isn’t a lost pool in the desert that will disappear any time soon and you do not have to thirst to death or drown.  It is the tide turning and perhaps you just need to view it as a wave to ride or war in which you conquer.  So, how do you win the first battle?  You must study the enemy and create a strategy.  The enemy is you – how will you wage war against yourself, how will your strategize your triumph?  Plot it out.  Study.  Align.  And conquer the fear – the fear of the dark side and the deep end.

And sometimes, sometimes we all pretend that we know what we are doing in order to get by.  But even the greatest actors end up learning in their game of pretend.  Do, and in the doing you will learn.

“If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near.” – Sun Tzu

A good friend once confessed, “Every day, I think someone is going to figure out that I don’t know what I’m doing…”  What my friend didn’t realize is that we all feel that way at one time or another.  The only way to move forward is to actually take a step forward…

Just for Spite?

I have chosen to work with the great and abominable machine, actually I have chosen to work in spite of it.  Because, above all else?  I have great will and tenacity…, to always find the better way.

Special thanks to this week’s theme sponsor, 1 Page Proposal. Learn more about their revolution of Human vs. Machine by clicking here or by visiting the hash tag on Twitter #humanvsmachine.

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