My Book of Life – My Next Chapter

Red doors over white wall
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Life in color

I painted my front door red.  I have wanted a red door ever since I moved into my first house when I was just 24-years old.  I am not sure why I wanted it then, but I know why I want it now. It’s time. The color red has been a significant player in my life. It is the color of emotion and passion. It is the color of blood. It is often the depicted color of anger and hurt. It is the color of a heart.  It is the color of love – it is the color of hate. It is the color of pride. It is often the color of fire and heat. It is the color of Hot Tamales – my favorite candy.  Is is the color of stop, but for me? It is the color of moving forward.

Moving Forward

We often come to stopping places in our lives, when we must halt what we are doing and change direction or turn around.  Or we move on and past the stopping point or past the pain. And a life lived presents us with pain often, whether it is losing a baby or loved one, losing a job, or losing the love of your life. “Pain Points” represent challenge and change, heartache and loss, life and death, hurt and despair…, and growth.
We learn.
Life lessons abound, often when we think we don’t need them or when we think we are past learning or necessary erudition.

And that is exactly when life says, “Ha! I’ll show you…” We all suffer loss, and I imagine none of us more than others, as heartache is individualized and pinpointed to pierce each to the very core – or I suppose it wouldn’t be heartache, would it?

Over the course of the last several years, I have experienced my greatest joys and my greatest sadness, all neatly wrapped up in the conundrum we call life. Interesting how our work can become a sanctuary when life presents sorrow and just a distraction, a necessary evil, when life is joyous and sweet.  It is the way it is supposed to be.

Destiny? Fate?

I am not sure I believe in destiny or fate for I think an outside force can shift and alter that at any moment, but I do believe that where we find ourselves at the end of the day is where we are ultimately supposed to be.  Though the path may be lined with painful thorns, unexpected twists and turns, what usually ends up happening is exactly what was supposed to happen. And of course, given the nature of humanity – you do not have to side with me or my thoughts – we are free to believe as we wish, to believe what makes us feel better at the end of the day – believing that which leads to a restful night’s sleep. We must all believe and do what we need to believe and do, in order to move on, in order to live on. Not just survive, but thrive.

So I paint it red

My red door will remind me, every time I see it, to live and live with purpose.  For red is the color of life, it is the color of freedom, and the color of love.
And I welcome it all – the joys and the sorrows, the pain and the love.

“There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.” – Anais Nin

My book is long with several chapters remaining.  This one is called, “The Red Door”

the red door


by Rayanne Thorn

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