How to Benefit From Your Rebellious Nature

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Benefit from Your Rebellious Nature

Tougher than the Weather

The fog rolled in yesterday morning very early – I was up at 4am.   I watched and waited for it to clear, but darkness prevailed.  It rolled in thick and thin waves over the ocean, across the main road.  I almost didn’t walk my dogs – the hills where I live can be dangerous if not traversed during times of high visibility. In less than an hour, the fog had lifted and I was able to proceed with the afore-planned walk.  The sun never did appear – just heavy clouds that hung very low all day.

We think we are Tougher than the Weather & Nature

I am constantly amazed by the changes we see in weather. With friends all over the globe, it is easy to see and, eventually, fully comprehend the magnitude & hold that weather & nature can have on our lives. Just last week, my friends in the UK were snowed in with 6-12 inches falling very quickly.  The uncontrolled. The unwanted. The unplanned. The unforeseen. And yet, we somehow believe we are worthy of a battle against it. If we wage a war, that we might have a chance of winning.

We think we can Win Against Nature & Weather

It is why we build homes in flood or slide zones. It is why small watercraft launch on dangerous weather-pattern days. It is why we stay in our seats on a plane as we watch the de-icing pink slime being sprayed over already frozen wings – instead of deciding against a flight in treacherous conditions. It is why we live or build home near volcanoes or fault lines. It is why we build homes up and down a coast known for severe weather. It is why we ski on mountains known for avalanches or jog on trails where wild life are known to frequent.

Taking Daily Risks

Many humans have an adventurous and rebellious nature. It is part of what sets us apart from other living organisms. We make brave choices despite the potential for hurt, despite the memory of past hurt. Ask Jackie Chan or the family of Evel Knievel. Or any number of skydivers. Or the mom who drives without a seatbelt or the dad who smokes two packs a day. We each take risks in our own way.

Using that Risky Nature for Good

So, why not use that adventurous quality that you know lurks somewhere inside you to try something new, risky in your work, in your connections with people?  Why not say I love you when you feel it? Why not call the client you’ve been putting off calling? Why not answer the call you have been avoiding?  Take the bull by the horns. Swallow the fear of the “risk” and just do it. What is the most you will lose? A client you didn’t have to begin with? Finish a project that has just been hanging around by signing it off? Finding out the person you love does or doesn’t feel the same? Either way, you move forward. Either way, there is more focus. Either way, you have conquered your own bit of nature and the wave doesn’t seem so big.

Come on, take the risk. What do you have to lose? Something you never had?

Hmmm…, maybe, it’s not so risky after all.





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