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I write about mobile recruitment often.  Recruitment is the practice, recruiting is the process.  Just a quick reminder out to our friends who fail to understand the difference or who think the words are interchangeable. Many recruiters in the U.S. hate the word recruitmentget over it.   Moving on…

Global Mobile Recruitment Awards

I was recently asked to participate as a judge in the Mobile Recruitment Awards with winners slated for announcement on 27 March 2014.  These awards will take a deep look at how mobile recruiting is impacting the recruiting process. This is a great opportunity for me and for our industry – and practice!  The practice of recruitment is plagued with the lack of embracing the changes that mobile and social have brought to the recruiting process.  Major corporations wishing to maintain a talked-about presence will need to upgrade, update, and get with the program if they expect to attract today’s talent.  The shift to social and mobile is happening, whether you want it to or not. Whether you believe it or not…

 Tech Today

The technology in our hands has changed how we communicate with each other.  It has changed how we engage, how we email, how we call.  OF COURSE, it will change how we do business. And lest you forget, recruiting is a vital and necessary business process.  Are you willing to lose quality candidates to your competition because you have not upgraded your process or practice?

The World Today

How do you think job seekers look for new opportunities today?  They are not walking into a workplace and asking for an application.  My 18-year old daughter recently applied to college – completely from her mobile device.  She did not sit down to a desktop.  She did not lift the lid on a laptop.  She used her phone, while we were out to dinner. Colleges and Universities understand this and have adapted/adopted, why is the “world of employment” dragging their lumbering feet?  THIS is the new workforce.  THIS is the next generation of management. Are you ready to attract them? Are you ready to fight for them?

The Awards

The Mobile Recruitment Awards will identify companies which recognize this – which know they need to update and upgrade – and are taking the steps to do that.  Check out what they are doing – perhaps their mobile strategy can serve as a template for your next steps.

Even Better…

Do you know a company who has embraced social and mobile communications and has bettered their practice and process by utilizing these tools?  Maybe your own company is breaking ground and reaching a new level of candidate by aggressively approaching them on their own playing fields – mobile, social, and location-based technologies.
It is, after all, where we now live.

Listen here to my interview with Mike Taylor, Mobile Recruitment Awards Founder.
Nominate a company or recruiter here.
Watch for nominations and awards announcements here

Mobile is NOT going away.  It is actually going with you, wherever you go.


by Rayanne Thorn






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