Mobile: Just Another Brick in the Wall #MobileRecruit

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The Shift

In my home, there live 5 iPhones, 2 iPads, a netbook, a laptop, and two desk tops. In my home, there live three people. Crazy, huh?  I think my family is part of the reason that mobile devices outnumber people in the world.  But it is the way and it is the future.

I remember being completely enchanted the first time I watched Total Recall. The wall-to-wall TV screens, a way to disappear into a computing device to relax, vacate, and vacation…, and of course, the classic Arnold line, “Consider that a divorce.” We are moving at a very quick pace – or so everyone thinks.  We still have a way to go before we reach Total Recall status, but it is unnerving to consider how mobile touches our lives and how we really are the future with which Dick Tracy and Star Trek taunted us. We really are capable of reaching anyone, at any time.

Here’s the thing

But, here’s the thing – I can make myself unreachable.  I have become a savvy user of the “do not disturb” setting on my mobile. I have learned to put Facebook away, and I rarely take my mobile with me on my beach walks anymore, unless – of course, tides are low or the sunset will be stunning (yes, that is predictable – sometimes!).

So every once in awhile – check out. Shut it down, close it up, leave it behind, disconnect and then re-connect… with real life.

Not what you were expecting?

I know the #MobileRecruit series leans to “the greatness of mobile” – me? not so much. Yes, it’s cool that I have the mobile web with me everywhere, any time. And I do use it. But, I also put it down – I have learned to let go and remember what daydreaming, thinking, and strategizing was like. To re-embrace the think tank and why I was obsessed with Walter Mitty (the 1947 Danny Kaye version) – learning to listen to your own head, not consistently seek validation, feedback, or ideas from others – discovering your own, coming into your own… Your own substance.

The Lean

Leaning out – away from my mobile has removed a level of stress I had grown far too used to. I have one (three actually) – I never leave home without it, but it is no longer strapped to my hand, binging and pinging every touch or reach. I have eased on down the road.

Maybe it is because it is such a part of our lives now, it is no longer unthinkable or fantastical – we are there – the future we were warned about in Fahrenheit 451 or 1984 or Brave New World or even The Wall – it’s here. It’s going to be here – so just put it down every once in a while. It’ll still be there when we come back…

Phone Capability? That’s the Last Function

My friend, mobile marketing expert Hank Mondoca posted on a FB thread yesterday, “My personal peeve is people still calling them CELLPHONES. First of all, there are no more “CELLs” up there people, it’s all digital. Secondly, “PHONES”? Really! That’s the last function they perform!”  Maybe that is the secret – don’t text, don’t FB message, don’t tweet – push some buttons and actually place a call – (we used to dial and actually burn some calories, remember that?) – consider the live voice on the other end of the phone, launch an idea, share a laugh.  Awww, yes, the human touch…

We all need it. 

completely awesome…

I know – just call me “Sybil



by Rayanne Thorn



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