4 Tips for Surviving Personal Crisis

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personal crisis

Surviving Personal Crisis, part one

Survival has become a not so favorite pastime of mine.  I would much rather enjoy the National Pastime of Baseball – especially now that the Dodgers have clinched their play-off spot, but that just hasn’t been in my cards.  Even when I was out on that field and playing my heart out at first base, catch, or shortstop, with an over .500 batting average season after season, survival became a key ingredient as I endured multiple knee injuries that included torn menisci in both knees and both right and left complete ACL tears.  But I kept on playing – I refused to give up and it cost me – it cost me dearly.  I endured sleepless nights of pain, reduced mobility, and the inability to bathe my babies pain-free as I knelt over a bathtub on countless evenings. When riding a bike or stepping simply out of my car struck fear in my heart and pain up and down both legs – I gave up.  I gave up softball and I gave up volleyball.  And finally found a surgeon who helped me become pain-free with increased mobility.  Now, I just yell from the sidelines.

I Devised a Plan

I have been able to take many a business strategy and apply it to my life – to my quest for survival.  Over the last fifteen years, I have often seen how life and business intersect and I wondered, “Why not? Biz skills help me in biz, why would they not help me in life?”   And so, I came up with a plan and now is a perfect time for me to share a few survival tips – 4 Survival Tips today – more will come tomorrow.

Any Type of Crisis is About Loss

How you deal with loss will determine who you are and who you will become.  And we all deal with it differently.  It is rarely easy or it wouldn’t be called a crisis and getting through it wouldn’t be called survival.  It is all about Life Management and it is possible.  Have you said these things to yourself, as I have:

  • I need to manage my time.
  • I need to manage my work.
  • I need to manage my life.

If you have said these things, my biz-turned-life tips will help.

They have worked for me and they will help you too.  I have survived, will continue to survive, and you can too…

4 Tips for Surviving Personal Crisis

  1. Benefit or Don’t Do It

    Many people do not understand this and think that self-sacrifice is what being charitable is all about.  If you walked into a meeting and were asked to show the ROI of taking 2 dozen cookies to the bake sale or running in the charity marathon – what would you say?  If it made you feel good to bake the cookies or run the marathon, then that is a benefit.   But if you work full-time and are a single parent or not, if it caused friction in your home or strained your schedule or strapped you financially – which believe me, it can, especially if you are on a tight budget , then there was no return to your personal investment.  Start saying “No” – you do not have to say yes to everything.  Think of you – your body, your life – as your own personal business and you are the CEO.  Saying “No” isn’t being selfish – it is taking control and managing your life.

  2. Be Mindful of How Much Time You Spend Doing Any One Thing

    Just like you wouldn’t spend your whole work day in your email inbox or cruising through YouTube videos, you shouldn’t spend too much time on any one thing.  Like drinking or smoking or eating or not eating or exercising too much or lying in bed all day.  Get up and get balanced, promote thyself.  Find your balance and hang on to it.  I usually go for a walk or do Yoga when I feel the stress of even the most minute personal crisis. When in doubt, refer back to #1.

  3. Avoid Social Addiction

    Some have claimed that Facebook and the endless stream of self-promotion can lead to depression.  I don’t see it, but I also don’t hang out in FB all day.  It might seem like I do, but I don’t – I have found the balance I need to not get sucked into the virtual world, but also get the work done that I need to get done on the multiple social channels and email accounts – online communication – we hold these days.  Pick up the phone and call a real live voice.  You’d be surprised how great it feels to step away from the keyboard and just breathe.  More and more people are ditching their social profiles.  Don’t expect that from me, but I have figured out a balance for myself.  Not everyone can do that, so limit how much time you spend in email and social networks.  Set a timer if you have to or schedule the time you spend online.

  4. Keep a Calendar

    And by “keep a calendar” I mean keep a calendar.  Schedule your day, schedule your hours and minutes if you have to.  Just stick to a schedule.  It will give you the structure you need to survive during a personal crisis or time of trial.  When I had my first baby many years ago, I set up a weekly schedule for errands so I wouldn’t go nuts – Mondays to the grocery store, Tuesdays visit Grandma, Wednesdays go to the library, Thursdays, get a donut, Fridays, post office and pay bills.  It worked.  Set a schedule and stick to it.  DO whatever you have to do – get an old school paper or wall calendar or use an online version with alerts and reminders if you need to. I actually use both – old school and online.

When all else fails, refer back to #1.  Whatever you do, make sure it benefits you and your life.


**Keep an eye out for 8 more tips to help survive a personal crisis coming this way.  


by Rayanne Thorn


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